Connectors, Pads/EQs, Fuses/Breakers, etc.

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Connectors, Pads/EQs, Fuses/Breakers, etc.

ATX realizes that each piece of the broadband network must meet a certain standard if high performance is the desired outcome. This includes the sometimes overlooked areas such as connectors, pads/EQs, fuses/breakers, etc. As a result, ATX offers many of these quality components.

MAXNET BNC & F-Style Terminators
ATX also offers a line of quality F and BNC terminators. For its MAXNET line of signal management products, predetermined unused ports may be terminated at factory.
MAXNET Connector & Terminator Options Pdf

Mini Cable Connectors & Terminators (BNC, F, MCX)
ATX offers a quality combination of MCX, F, and BNC compression connectors for miniature coaxial cable. Some are offered in a non-blind entry version that allows for easy field installation and reassures installers that a solid connection is made. All provide optimized RF performance.
Mini Cable Connector & Terminator Overview & Specifications Pdf

ATX provides pads/EQs for the following lines – Motorola / GI / Jerrold / Scientific-Atlanta / C-COR*. 750, 870 & 1000 MHz items are stocked. Discontinued OEM pads and EQs are also supplied.
Pads/EQs Overview Pdf

ATX provides longer lasting versions of circuit breakers for most types of amplifiers. ATX’s most generic type of circuit breaker on a glass fuse is known as the “Amazon Fuse”. The line also includes auto fuse locations and breakers, and specialty fuses and breakers. For systems that practice slow blowing “fusology” including auto fuse and shunts, ATX is equipped to supply these needs as well.
Fuses, Breakers & Repair Parts Overview Pdf 

Amplifier Replacement/Repair Parts
ATX stocks many quality CATV electronic replacement parts including diodes, transistors, hybrids, capacitors, resistors, “pots”, rectifiers, inductors, and hardware to name a few.
Fuses, Breakers & Repair Parts Overview Pdf

Ordering Information
Each pdf file above contains overviews, specifications, and ordering information.

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