1RU Chromadigm, Optical Amplifiers & Super Trunk Receivers

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1RU Chromadigm, Optical Amplifiers & Super Trunk Receivers

ATX Networks supplies a wide range of transmitters, optical amplifiers and super trunk receivers that are ideal for special HFC, RFoG, 1550nm and PON overlay architectures – especially for long haul optical links.

Key features include:

  • Chromadigm transmitters feature “chirp cancelling and clipping mitigation” to ensure cost-effective, high performance optical links
  • 1RU high performance transmitters are ideal for low wavelength per fiber and long reach applications up to 160 km
  • Dual-stage optical amplifiers and super trunk receivers support Chromadigm transmitters for long haul applications
  • Integrated remote monitoring via SNMP

1RU Chromadigm Transmitters
ATX’s Chromadigm 1RU transmitters come in 1, 2 or 4 wavelength configurators with wavelength spacing of 200, 400 and 800 MHz in order minimize cross talk between wavelengths for long haul applications. The 1 output version includes an optical amplifier to achieve output powers of up to 18dBm with SBS suppression up to 18dB making it ideal for long reach RFoG and 1550nm PON overlay applications. The most popular, four ITU wavelength version has dominated the long haul, high performance, multi-wavelength market segment. For RFoG and 1550nm PON overlay applications, versions of ATX’s Chromadigm integrated RFoG transmitter support up to 18dB output power on up to 4 output ports with up to 8 PON pass through ports.
Chromadigm-HS Multi-wavelength CHS Full Band Transmitter Specifications Pdf
Chromadigm-IR CIR Integrated RFoG Transmitter Specifications Pdf

1RU DSA EDFA Optical Amplifiers
The DSA-EDFA family of optical amplifiers is optimized for extending the reach of analog and/or QAM DWDM multi-wavelength systems to over 100 kms. The very low noise figure ensures meeting the most stringent Carrier-to-Noise (CNR) requirements that are encountered in RF video signal delivery. Unparalleled distance and performance is achieved when combined with the Chromadigm chirp free high OMI transmitters to reach outlying serving areas. DSA optical amplifiers incorporate inter-stage dispersion compensation of 10-50 km in 10 km steps to achieve an industry best noise figure enabling ATX designed optical links to achieve the highest possible performance.
DSA EDFA Optical Amplifier Specifications Pdf

1RU PON Optical Amplifiers
The PON-EDFA series of optical amplifiers is optimized for RFoG and 1550nm RF overlay PON applications. This optical amplifier series supports either 8 or 16 RF outputs with up to 21 dB of optical output power per port and incorporates PON pass through connectors on each port. These units are ideal for deployment of an RFoG architecture with the ability to add a PON overlay network either simultaneously or at a future date.
PON EDFA Optical Amplifier Specifications Pdf

1RU Super Trunk Optical Receiver
ATX’s super trunk 1 GHz receivers are optimized for long reach applications using either 4 or 8 wavelengths per fiber with 200 GHz ITU wavelength spacing. These receivers are optimized for 3 fiber distances; 5-40 km, 25-60 km and 50-80 km.