ChromaFlex Optical Transport Platform

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ChromaFlex Optical Transport Platform

ATX’s ChromaFlex platform and its application specific modules have been designed for headend and major hub site applications where performance, versatility and space efficiency are of the highest importance. The ChromaFlex platform is a mid-plane design with blind mate connectors, 2RU passive chassis with support for redundant power supplies, eight application specific modules, and remote monitoring and control of all important operating parameters. The wide breadth of application modules include the high performance Chromadigm DWDM transmitter, 1310nm and DWDM directly modulated transmitters, optical amplifiers, return path receivers, optical de-stackers, and optical and RF switches.

Key features include:

  • Highest density modular platform delivering versatility and performance
  • ChromaFlex chassis supports eight single-width modules
  • Four RF connectors per module slot are located on back of chassis
  • All RF interfaces are 1.2 GHz to support DOCSIS 3.1
  • Blind mate connectors on application modules interface with mid-plane
  • Each chassis can be accessed locally with a handheld display unit or remotely via SNMP GUI
  • All active modules are hot-swappable

ChromaFlex Chassis & Accessories
The ChromaFlex chassis has eight module slots and supports either single slot or double slot wide application modules. It incorporates a mid-plane design with application modules inserted in the front, and power supplies, RF, and LAN connections in the rear. The chassis supports redundant, load sharing power supplies that are hot-swappable, and offers field replaceable cooling fans.
ChromaFlex Chassis & Accessories Specifications Pdf
ChromaFlex Universal AC & -48 VDC Power Supply Module Specifications Pdf
ChromaFlex Controller Module Specifications Pdf

ChromaFlex Chromadigm DWDM Transmitter Modules
ChromaFlex Chromadigm DWDM transmitters incorporate chirp cancelling and clipping mitigation technologies to deliver the industry’s highest MER and error free pre-FEC BER performance to 1.218 GHz, are distance independent, and have high OMI. Transmitter modules are available in two unique versions; CT4 and CT1. CT4 is a four wavelength transmitter, housed in a double slot wide module and is typically internally multiplexed. Each transmitter has both broadcast and narrowcast inputs for each wavelength. CT1 is a single wavelength transmitter with an internal optical amplifier in a single slot module providing up to 15 dBm optical output power. Chromadigm high performance transmitters are ideal for high capacity and/or long reach applications.
ChromaFlex Chromadigm CT4 DWDM Transmitter Specifications Pdf
ChromaFlex Chromadigm CT1 DWDM Transmitter Specifications Pdf

ChromaFlex DWDM Directly Modulated Transmitter Modules
ATX supplies directly modulated C-Band DWDM transmitters to 1.218 GHz at 100 GHz spacing, supporting ITU channels from 20 to 59. These DMT DWDM transmitters are single slot modules with either two, three or four wavelengths per module which can be individually outputted or internally multiplexed. DMT2 versions have a common broadcast and two narrowcast inputs, while DMT3 versions have a common broadcast and three narrowcast inputs, and DMT4 versions have four uni-cast inputs. DMT4 versions are especially rack space-efficient achieving the density of 16 transmitters per RU making them ideal for medium reach, high density applications.
ChromaFlex DMT24, DMT34 & DMT44 DWDM Transmitter Specifications Pdf

ChromaFlex 1310nm Directly Modulated Transmitter Modules
ATX also supplies traditional directly modulated 1310nm transmitter modules in optical output powers ranging from 4 to 14 dBm. Similar to the DWDM DMTs, the 1310nm versions are available as a three output version with a common broadcast input and three narrowcast inputs (DMT3), or a four output unicast version (DMT4). At up to 16 transmitters per RU, DMT 1310nm transmitters are ideal for upgrading the capacity of existing optical links to 1.218 MHz and reclaiming rack space at the same time.
ChromaFlex DMT3 & DMT4 1310nm Transmitter Specifications Pdf

ChromaFlex Optical Amplifier Modules
ATX’s wide range of optical amplifiers complements its ChromaFlex 1550nm, DWDM transmitters. The amplifiers enhance the versatility of its transmitter families by extending their reach and/or the ability to overcome multiplexing and demultiplexing losses in multi-wavelength applications. ATX supplies two types of optical amplifiers optimized for either gain flattened amplifier operation for multi-wavelength applications, or for single wavelength constant power, typically for RFoG or 1550nm PON overlay applications.
ChromaFlex EDFA Optical Amplifier Module Specifications Pdf

ChromaFlex Quad Analog Receiver & Destacker Receiver Modules
ATX’s ChromaFlex platform provides support for upstream communications with a variety of high performance return analog receivers and destacking receivers. Our analog receivers are packaged as four receivers per module for a density of 16 receivers per RU with a variety of options, including either high or standard sensitivity, internal DWDM de-multiplexing, and/or express ports. For destacking applications, a four wavelength destacking receiver is available.
ChromaFlex QRRX Quad Receiver Module Specifications Pdf