TranScend Optical Transport Platform

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TranScend Optical Transport Platform

ATX’s TranScend optical platform is a compact, high density platform optimized for hub sites, streetside cabinets and specialty applications. The TranScend platform supports a wide breadth of application modules, including optical amplifiers, quad frequency stackers and destacker receivers, and quad return receivers. Specialty application modules include an integrated MDU transmitter/receiver, forward transmitters, forward receivers, and both optical and RF switches.

Key features include:

  • High density in a 1RU platform
  • Four identical module slots for maximum application flexibility
  • Temperature hardened chassis for streetside cabinet applications from -20 to +75 degrees Celsius
  • Integrated remote monitoring via SNMP

TranScend Chassis
ATX’s TranScend platform offers a high density, versatile chassis with four identical, rear facing module slots in 1RU. Many of the TranScend modules are designed for a temperature range of -20 to +75 degrees Celsius and measure only 15 inches in depth making them ideal for streetside pedestal deployments. Integrated EMS software allows for remote monitoring of all the modules via SNMP.
TranScend Chassis Specifications Pdf


TranScend EDFA Optical Amplifier Modules
The TranScend platform supports cost-effective optical amplifier modules to support a variety of cable architectures with a wide range of gain flattened amplifiers that are programmable for either constant power or constant gain operating modes. Versions are available with 1, 2 or 4 outputs to improve architectural cost-effectiveness. Additionally, versions are available that provide PON architecture support with pass through ports and express ports.
TranScend EDFA Optical Amplifer Module Specifications Pdf

TranScend Quad Frequency Stacker & Destacker Receiver Modules
ATX’s optical stacking technology is a return network solution that expands the capacity of optical fibers and extends the reach of return network design with upstream passbands from 5-42 MHz to either 5-85 MHz or 5-204 MHz. TranScend optical stacking occurs from 1-2 GHz supporting up to 40 wavelengths on a single fiber and uses automatic link stability control. All stacking and destacking modules are packaged in a single slot TranScend module and are ideal for node segmentation and RFoG applications.
TranScend Quad Frequency Stacker Module Specifications Pdf
TranScend Quad Frequency Destacker Module Specifications Pdf

TranScend Quad Return Receiver Modules
ATX also offers a high density, quad analog receiver for the TranScend platform in a single slot module enabling 16 receivers to be deployed in 1RU. TranScend quad analog receivers are available in a straight forward 5-200 MHz standard sensitivity receiver, and in a 5-85 MHz high sensitivity receiver. Additionally, for DWDM return networks, the TranScend quad return receiver is available with an internal demultiplexer eliminating three optical jumpers.
TranScend Quad Return Receiver Module Specifications Pdf

TranScend Special Applications & Support Modules
In addition to primary optical networking application modules, ATX’s TranScend platform supports a number of special application modules including forward and return transmitters, a forward receiver, MDU transceivers, and an optical and RF switch. These modules add greatly to the total optimization and flexibility of ATX’s solutions.
TranScend MDU Transceiver Module Specifications Pdf
TranScend C-Band DFB Transmitter Module Specifications Pdf
TranScend Optical Switch Module Specifications Pdf
TranScend RF Switch Module Specifications Pdf