MAXNET Modular L-Band

MAXNET Modular L-Band

ATX’s MAXNET (Patented) offers the same exceptional features in its L-Band Signal Management platform that it offers in its RF Signal Management line. It incorporates high-density, active modules, high quality RF performance up to 2150 MHz, 100% quality control, and a variety of chassis configurations and cable management solutions.
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Chassis & Cable Management Options

Depending on your needs, MAXNET offers standard active and powered active chassis (5RU) and passive chassis (1RU, 3RU, 5RU). Choose from an assortment of cable management selections including trays, ears, and bars.
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MAXNET Remote Powered Active Chassis Specifications Pdf
MAXNET 5RU Chassis with Cable Management Tray Assembly Instructions Pdf
MAXNET 5RU Chassis with Cable Management Ears Assembly Instructions Pdf

Modular Power Supplies
MAXNET 24V, 3.6A modular power supplies are used to power the MAXNET 5RU active chassis. Once the chassis is powered, it can be populated with MAXNET L-Band amplifiers. Two MAXNET power supply modules can be used in the same chassis in order to implement power redundancy.
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Standalone LNB Redundant Powering
The MAXNET standalone, rack mount, redundant LNB powering units allow users to implement a redundant, centralized means of powering up to 16 (each output is independently fused) LNBs. Units are provisioned with L-Band loop through capability (F or BNC connectors) so power can be coupled onto the coaxial cable connected to the LNB, or with quick connect terminal blocks for direct powering of the LNBs. Front access to the redundant power supply modules allows for easy replacement in the event of a power supply failure.
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2150 MHz, 12 dB gain, single and dual amplifiers are available. An active chassis is required.
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Sensing / A/B Switch
Integrated L-Band sensing and A/B switch functionality accommodates L-Band signal redundancy requirements. The switching threshold is set via front panel push buttons and rear panel alarming is provided. Up to two L-Band redundancy switches can be placed in a 1RU unit.
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Active Splitter (Combiner)
ATX’s lossless L-Band splitters are optimized for L-Band performance from 950-2150 MHz. LNB powering can be controlled (on/off) via a front panel slide switch. Custom versions are available.
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Connector & Terminator Options

Modules are available with either F or BNC connectors and terminators. Predetermined unused ports can be terminated at factory. To ensure quality BNC performance, use ATX’s COMPRESSOR headend BNC connectors and terminators.
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ATX has developed several accessories for the MAXNET L-Band Management Platform. Items include installation tools, BNC compression connectors, and patch panels. To ensure quality BNC performance, use ATX’s COMPRESSOR headend BNC connectors and terminators.
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SCN Accessories – Patch Panels Overview Pdf

Ordering Information
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