Q-Series Rack Mount Amplifiers, Switches, Power Supplies, etc.

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Q-Series Rack Mount Amplifiers, Switches, Power Supplies, etc.

ATX’s Q-Series of products have set the bar in the CATV industry for over 20 years when it comes to signal amplification. ATX offers the most comprehensive line of RF amplifiers available on the market.

Also available are redundant amplifiers/switches/power supplies.

Redundant Amplifier System (QPAIR)
The QPAIR 1RU redundant amplifier/power supply system contains two amplifiers, two power supplies and an RF level sensing switch for complete redundancy. It is available with universal powering or -48 powering or both. The alarm contacts can signal when a switch is made.
QPAIR Redundant Amplifier System Specifications Pdf
QPAIR Instructions Pdf

Integrated Amplifier/RF Detector Switch (BAQ-UP/QRED)
The 1RU BAQ-UP/QRED amplifier and redundant switch features a modular amplifier with gain and slope controls and front panel test points. It is ideal for implementing legacy QRAM in a redundant configuration.
BAQ-UP/QRED Integrated Amp/RF Detector Switch Specs Pdf
BAQ-UP/QRED Instructions Pdf

Rack Mount Power Supply (QRPS)
ATX has developed a rack mount –48 to 24/28 VDC power supply. Key elements of the product include redundancy, hot-swappable, relay alarm contacts, and optional diode OR’ed output.
QRPS Rack Mount Power Supply Specifications Pdf

Headend High-Gain, High-Density 1RU Amplifiers (QRFP)
The QRFP line consists of two high-output, GaAs technology amplifiers in a 1RU rack space. Universal power is available from 100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, with no transformer required. The unit is also available with a -48 VDC supply. Get various gain options and interstage output level control with either pad/EQ or gain/slope potentiometers.
QRFP Headend High Gain, High Density 1RU Amplifier Specifications Pdf

Forward & Return Distribution Amplifiers (QRAM/QRAMGQ)
The high gain, high output 2RU QRAM is ideal for laser driver or post amplifier applications. Technologies include push-pull, power-doubled, quadra-power or GaAs, up to 870 MHz. Front panel access to variable interstage gain and slope as well as plug-in pad with EQ at the front end allows for optimum amplifier performance. The QRAMGQ offers 870 and 1000 MHz quadra-power GaAs technologies.
QRAM Forward & Return Distribution Amplifier Specifications Pdf
QRAMGQ Forward & Return Distribution Amplifier Specifications Pdf

1RU Forward Distribution Amplifiers (QRFA)
These are high-density, high-output, 870 MHz post amplifiers that contain two separate amplifiers in a 1RU chassis to achieve the highest output in the smallest rack space. Various gain options are available and the QRFA can be optionally powered from either 110 VAC/ 24 VDC or -48 VDC.
QRFA 110/24 Forward Distribution Amplifier Specifications Pdf
QRFA-48 Forward Distribution Amplifier Specifications Pdf

Headend Buffer Amplifiers in 1RU Chassis (QRFB)
The QRFB houses 4 modular amplifiers in a 1RU package with up to 23 dB of gain in each module. These amplifiers can be used to transparently increase levels when needed in the headend or they can be used for isolation of inserted channel groups. The high-density modules can handle output levels up to 40 dBmV with minimal distortion. Additional features include input and output pad and EQ sockets. Universal power with no external transformer from 100-240 VAC at 47-63 Hz is standard, while -48 VDC powering is an option.
QRFB Headend Buffer Amplifier in 1RU Chassis Specifications Pdf

Forward Isolation Amplifiers (QRBA/QRCIA)
The 2RU QRBA isolation amplifiers for headend combining are offered with 4 or 5 independent RF amplifier modules when using push-pull hybrid technology. Power-doubled silicon or GaAs hybrids are optionally offered in a 2 or 3 amplifier module configuration.

The 2RU QRCIA is equivalent to a QRBA push-pull 13 dB hybrid amplifier with a 13 dB output pad for unity gain and maximum isolation. The use of 20 and 25 dB hybrids increases the isolation of the inserted channel. All amplifiers are available in 870 MHz and 1 GHz.
QRBA/QRCIA Forward Isolation Amplifier Specifications Pdf

Return Isolation Amplifiers (QRBA8)
The 2RU QRBA8 (8-Pack) return path amplifiers provide gain for passive isolation in the headend. They come with 8, well shielded, amplifier circuit boards with 5 to 200 MHz bandwidth.
QRBA8 Return Isolation Amplifier Specifications Pdf


Isolation Amplifiers (QISO)
The 2RU QISO unity gain isolation amplifiers add multiple ports to modulators or processors, thereby solving TV channel cross-talk problems in headend applications. Frequencies include 550, 750, and 870 MHz.
QISO Isolation Amplifier Specifications Pdf


Return Isolation Amplifiers (QISO/R75-32)
The 3RU QISO/R75-32 unity gain isolation amplifiers house 8 independent amplifiers in any bandwidth from 5 to 75 MHz. They provide 4 outputs per amplifier, 50 dB port-to-port isolation and 20 dB return loss for each output. Each QISO/R amplifier circuit has loop-through inputs to connect multiple amplifiers when more than four outputs are needed (up to 32 output ports).
QISO/R75-32 Return Isolation Amplifier Specifications Pdf

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