SCN Integrated RF

SCN Integrated RF

ATX’s SCN integrated RF signal management platform provides ease of design and installation in the headend. Custom configurations are built to suit customer needs.


The SCN-Manager presents customers with forward narrowcast combining, low loss forward narrowcast combining and return combining in an extremely efficient manner. These products not only minimize rack space utilization, but also allow for a simple means of migrating the RF management network as targeted narrowcast and return combining requirements change. There is no re-wiring of the network as narrowcast targeting or return signal combining ratio requirements change.
SCN-Manager Product Overview and Specifications Pdf

SCN_3000_SeriesSCN-3000 Series
The SCN-3000 series is a family of 19” 1RU rack mount chassis that are custom manufactured. Each chassis has been designed to perform a variety of splitting and combining functions. When all the chassis are integrated in a rack, all forward and reverse services are managed in a very cost-effective and space-efficient manner. With appropriate RF signal level management in the hub site, the SCN-3000 series can perform all of its splitting/combining functions without amplifiers.
SCN-3000 Series Product Overview Pdf

Accessories – Patch Panels
Patch panels are available in various configurations (F and BNC connectors). Customization is available.
SCN Accessories – Patch Panels Overview Pdf

Ordering Information
Each pdf file above contains overviews, specifications, and ordering information.