I-HUB Platform

I-HUB Platform

ATX’s I-HUB field-hardened platform extends the Chromadigm full band transport for hub elimination, HFC fiber deep, RFoG and 1550nm PON overlay architectures. I-HUB platform provides a new generation of forward and return path DWDM solutions. As cable access architectures evolve towards multi-wavelength, fiber deep networks, they require new solutions that utilize the existing fiber networks more efficiently, while reducing the operational complexity of older architectures in favor of a full spectrum solution. The I-HUB platform’s simple installation, deployment and maintenance is based on a field proven housing, and incorporates several significant technical advantages for both forward and return path. The I-HUB platform application flexibility is achieved through its wide range of modules including forward and return optical amplifiers, return network stackers, RFoG repeaters, and optical switching.

Applications Include:

  • Migration to Node+0 (supports DOCSIS® 3.1)
  • OBI-free RFoG
  • Hub Elimination
  • Node Segmentation
  • Fiber Reclamation

Key Optical Modules:

  • EDFAs, OBI-free RFoG Receivers, Switches, Field-hardened Passives


  • Fiber Management Trays
  • AC Power Entry Ports at Both Ends of the Housing
  • Redundant Power Supplies
  • Remote Monitoring & Control

I-HUB Platform Housing and Accessories
ATX’s die cast aluminum housing providing a field hardened platform enabling operators to deploy many optical solutions that eliminate the need for costly, bricks and mortar hub sites and streetside pedestals. The I-HUB platform has two load sharing power supplies with power entry ports on either end of the housing, two large fiber trays, controller module, and has 10 application module slots; four in the base and six in the lid. The I-HUB platform is an ideal tool to drive fiber deeper into the network while reclaiming existing fibers for additional revenue generating services such as, business services or cell site backhaul. ATX’s I-HUB optical switch supports redundant fiber routing applications.
I-HUB Chassis Specifications Pdf

I-HUB Dual-Stage Optical Amplifier Modules
The I-HUB DSA family of dual-stage optical amplifiers is a field hardened version of ATX’s 1RU dual-stage amplifiers. These optical amplifiers are optimized for multi-wavelength, long haul applications of over 100 km or high performance links. The I-HUB DSA is packaged in a three slot module with inter-stage dispersion compensation from 10-40 km in 10 km steps.

I-HUB EDFA Optical Amplifier Modules
For short to medium haul applications, ATX supplies a range of cost-effective, field-hardened optical amplifiers. Versions are available with single and multiple output ports and at various output powers in either single or double slot modules. The I-HUB EDFA is ideal for RFoG and other cable applications.
I-HUB EDFA Optical Amplifier Module Specifications Pdf


I-HUB Opto-Stacker Modules
ATX’s I-HUB Opto-stacker is a high density, high performance frequency stacker for return path applications which enables quadrupling of return path bandwidth per wavelength. Four optical return signals (1270nm to 1620nm) are frequency stacked onto a single 1550nm ITU channel at the I-HUB device and are transported back to the headend where it is de-stacked into the original 5-42 or 85 MHz return path RF streams. The opto-stacker module is a double slot module, enabling a fully loaded I-HUB platform to transport the return streams of up to 20 nodes on a single fiber for a distance up to 60 km.
I-HUB Opto-Stacker Module Specifications Pdf

I-HUB RFoG Repeater Module
ATX’s I-HUB RFoG Repeater Module (RRM) is an addition to the outdoor hardened I-HUB platform. It is a highly integrated module that contains all downstream and upstream RFoG repeater functionality. It also supports xPON OLT insertion. It is a cost and power-effective scalable solution that offers either a fixed 8-port module or a master/slave configuration. The I-HUB RRM uses an express port to combine upstream and downstream on a single fiber, or the user can remove the optical jumper to do separate fibers. It’s compatible with any downstream transmitter and analog upstream receiver.
I-HUB RFoG Repeater Module (RRM) Specifications Pdf

I-HUB Inverted Node
The I-HUB Inverted Node allows MSOs to leverage their existing HFC plant and technologies in order to deploy RFoG-style FTTH services without the concern of OBI performance limitations. The inverted node which acts as a central hub between the coaxial plant and fiber connected subscribers is an ideal solution to allow MSOs the ability to enter into the FTTH marketplace in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. It converts downstream RF signals from the HFC plant to an analog optical transmission that is split to up to 32 ONUs. In the upstream, the inverted node receives optical transmissions from the ONUs, converts them to RF and transmits them back into the HFC plant.
I-HUB Inverted Node Specifications Pdf