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Other Filters

The following is a list of other RF filters that are not specific to outside plant.

Narrow Band Bandpass
The NB-8705R is designed to isolate a desired carrier and suppress interfering, unwanted carriers in CATV headends.
Narrow Band Bandpass Filter Overview & Specifications Pdf

Highly Selective Bandpass
The BP-8710 is used to suppress strong adjacent carrier interference while maintaining superior group delay in CATV, LAN, headend, and network applications.
Highly Selective Bandpass Filter Overview & Specifications Pdf

Indoor Channel Deletion (QAM)
These channel deletion filters will delete a QAM channel and allow a new channel to be reinserted.
Indoor Channel Deletion Filters (QAM) Overview & Specifications Pdf

General Bandpass
The BP-8720 has increased selectivity making it suitable to suppress adjacent channel interference and off-air interference with CATV, LAN, SMATV, and MATV headend applications.
General Bandpass Filter Overview & Specifications Pdf

High Performance Diplex Filter Network
The DXP-9655-D high performance filters are used to separate or combine Sub VHF and VHF frequencies. It is designed for headend applications to launch and/or combine upstream and downstream signals.
High Performance Diplex Filter Network Overview & Specs Pdf

Pilot Carrier Trap
The PCT-8780 suppresses pilot carriers used in transmission systems. The small size and temperature stability make it suitable to be installed in the AML receiver. It can be used to remove pilot carriers in other CATV applications.
Pilot Carrier Trap Overview & Specifications Pdf

Overview of All RF Filters
Overview of All RF Filters Pdf

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