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Power Converters

Designed with NEC (or equivalent) standards in mind, ATX’s line of power converters take 89 VAC to 60 VAC while passing RF with minimal insertion loss.


DigiMAX 5A Converters
The standard converters are ideal for powering MDUs or other high current environments with 60 VAC from 90 or 75 VAC CATV plant power.
DigiMAX Power Passing 5A Converter Specifications Pdf

DigiMAX Power Stripper
ATX’s DigiMAX power stripper accepts AC line power with RF and provides RF bypass with high isolation and duplex outlet to power ancillary equipment. It features a rugged metal housing suitable for wall mounting as well as an LED to provide visual indication of power present. It utilizes standard 75 ohm F-connectors for AC-RF in and RF bypass out.
DigiMAX Power Stripper Specifications Pdf

Ordering Information
Each pdf file above contains overviews, specifications, and ordering information.