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Customer Service

The contact information for ATX’s Customer Service teams is listed below.

For RF Management & Digital Video Customer Service

RF Products
(MAXNET, SignalOn, HFC Enhance, PCI Filters, Q-Series, SCN, SMAC, FiberLinx)
Digital Video Products
(DVIS, DigiVu, UCrypt, VersAtivePro)

T: 905.428.6068 – press *1
T: 800.565.7488 – press *1 (Toll Free: USA & Canada only)
F: 905.427.1964
T: 866.427.1964 (Toll Free: USA & Canada only)
Email Questions to: [email protected]
Email Orders to: [email protected]

For Optical Transport Customer Service

Optical Transport Products
(ChromaFlex, I-HUB, Chromadigm, TranScend, COMPASS, ART)

T: 408.227.3400 – press 3
F: 408.227.3403
Email Questions to: [email protected]
Email Orders to: [email protected]


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