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ChromaFlex 2RU Modular Optical Transport

ATX’s ChromaFlex platform and its application specific modules have been designed for headend and major hub site applications where performance, versatility and space efficiency are of the highest importance. The ChromaFlex platform is a mid-plane design with blind mate connectors, 2RU passive chassis with support for redundant power supplies, 8 application specific modules, and remote monitoring and control of all important operating parameters. The wide breadth of application modules include the high performance Chromadigm DWDM transmitter, 1310nm and DWDM directly modulated transmitters, optical amplifiers, return path receivers, optical destackers, and optical and RF switches.

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The I-HUB platform is ideal for minimizing fiber for Node+0, hub eliminations, node segmentations and RFoG, or reclaiming existing fibers for additional broadband subscriber narrowcast services and revenue generating business services. Learn more about this product.>