ATX Networks
HFC Optical Access Network

QRRX, Analog Return RX

ATX’s ChromaFlex platform provides support for upstream communications with a variety of high performance return analog receivers and destacking receivers. Our analog receivers are packaged as 4 receivers per module for a density of 16 receivers per RU with a variety of options, including either high or standard sensitivity, internal DWDM demultiplexing, and/or express ports. For destacking applications, a 4 wavelength destacking receiver is available.

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  • Very low noise
  • 8 modules (32 receivers) in a single 2RU ChromaFlex chassis
  • Standard, high sensitivity and integrated DMux configurations
  • Optional express port(s)
  • Remote monitoring via SNMP v2c, web GUI, Telnet or local CLI
  • Standard sensitivity version for applications with optical levels greater than -15 dBm and needing an expanded operating bandwidth to 204 MHz
  • High sensitivity, very low noise version for RFoG applications, utilizing very low optical input levels
  • Integrated DMux and/or express ports to bypass PON wavelengths are also optional

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The I-HUB platform is ideal for minimizing fiber for Node+0, hub eliminations, node segmentations and RFoG, or reclaiming existing fibers for additional broadband subscriber narrowcast services and revenue generating business services. Learn more about this product.>