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RFoG – Inverted Node

The RFoG inverted node allows MSOs to leverage their existing HFC plant and technologies in order to deploy RFoG-style FTTH services without the concern of OBI performance limitations. The RFoG inverted node, which acts as a central hub between the coaxial plant and fiber connected subscribers, is an ideal solution to allow MSOs the ability to enter into the FTTH marketplace in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. It gives an immediate FTTH solution, allowing MSOs to simultaneously push fiber deeper on a slower construction schedule, or if it is not possible/cost-effective to run fiber deep. The RFoG inverted node is ideal for MDU applications.

The RFoG inverted node converts downstream RF signals from the HFC plant to an analog optical transmission that is split to up to 32 ONUs. In the upstream, the RFoG inverted node receives optical transmissions from the ONUs, converts them to RF and transmits them back into the HFC plant. The RFoG inverted node is offered in 1:1 or X:1, ONU to receiver configurations to support various OBI mitigation schemes.

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  • Allows MSOs to leverage their existing HFC plant to deliver FTTH with an OBI-free solution
  • Supports up to DOCSIS® 3.1 with bandwidths up to 1218 MHz
  • Environmentally hardened aluminum enclosure
  • Cabinet-style enclosure allows easy access to set-up the node
  • Can be powered by Line (HFC plant) or Mains
  • Replaceable power supply module
  • Pluggable RF diplex filter to support upstream bandwidth of 65, 85, 117 or 204 MHz
  • Plug-in JXP attenuators and EQs allow any amount of RF level adjustment in upstream or downstream independently
  • Integrated optical passives and splices simplifies installation and reduces connector loss
  • LED indications of downstream RF power to laser, laser status and AC input
  • Optional license-based firmware upgrade to activate Ethernet port and support an external cable modem (not provided) for remote status monitor/control

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The I-HUB platform is ideal for minimizing fiber for Node+0, hub eliminations, node segmentations and RFoG, or reclaiming existing fibers for additional broadband subscriber narrowcast services and revenue generating business services. Learn more about this product.>