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The PON-EDFA series of optical amplifiers is optimized for RFoG and 1550nm RF overlay PON applications. This optical amplifier series supports either 8 or 16 outputs with up to 21 dBm of optical output power per port and incorporates PON pass through connectors on each port. These units are ideal for deployment of an RFoG architecture, with the ability to add a PON overlay network either simultaneously or at a future date. When combined with the Chromadigm series high OMI transmitter best in class CNR, BER and MER performance is achieved with lower RONU/ONT optical input levels, which lowers the cost of deployment while ensuring customer satisfaction.

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  • High density 1RU platform with 8 or 16 output ports
  • Output power options from 16-21 dBm
  • Low noise figures
  • Integrated WDM express ports for return receivers and PON OLTs
  • Dual load sharing AC or DC powering
  • Temperature hardened option (-20 to +65 degrees Celsius)
  • Built-in microprocessor controls the output power very precisely to minimize output power variations caused by input power changes
  • Integrated passive splitters and WDMs eliminate external space requirements and multiple optical connections increasing network reliability for very cost-effective, high density and high powered amplifiers
  • Chassis supports 2 modular power supply modules working in a load share configuration with the option of a universal AC or -48 VDC powering for high network reliability
  • Status monitoring is provided through a local craft interface, CLI and SNMP based Element Management Systems

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The I-HUB platform is ideal for minimizing fiber for Node+0, hub eliminations, node segmentations and RFoG, or reclaiming existing fibers for additional broadband subscriber narrowcast services and revenue generating business services. Learn more about this product.>