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Pilot Carrier Redundancy Switch

ATX offers 2 versions of a 1RU AGC pilot carrier redundancy switch for resilient backup of pilot channels that drive performance in outside plant HFC systems.

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  • Reinserts replacement oscillator at 2 different RF output levels based on user defined threshold settings
  • Monitor and control of all functions through front panel or through web browser (HMS compliant, SNMP v2c)
  • LCD display shows current alarms and allows detector thresholds to be set
  • Independent, load sharing, field-replaceable AC or DC power supplies provide full power redundancy
  • Front panel test points for oscillator levels and combined full system output level monitoring

Original Version: Pilot Carrier Redundancy Switch

  • Measures a filtered sample of the RF input to determine when the internally generated replacement pilot carriers need to turn on
  • Simple 2-cable connection with highly reliable passive through path
  • 1 or 2 pilot channels chosen at time of order will define the fixed filter and oscillator frequencies
  • Field-upgradeable and swappable pilot carrier filters and replacement oscillators

New Version: Fully Agile Pilot Carrier Redundancy Source

  • Single F-port connection provides highly redundant primary and backup pilot signals
  • Fully frequency agile: User programs the pilot frequency easily through front panel display and can change anytime in future
  • Much higher RF output levels than original version

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