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SignalOn 5RU, F & BNC Amplifiers & RF Switches

SignalOn active amplifiers include both forward and return path amplifiers. SignalOn hot-swappable forward path amplifiers are available with GaAs technology and feature non-service-affecting gain and slope controls. Operation is from 50-1002 MHz, or 50-1218 MHz. In addition, 20 dB or 30 dB gain options are offered. The 5-205 MHz return path amplifier offers a standard 22 dB gain, low distortion and noise, and 2 test points.

The SignalOn RF Switch module accommodates redundant amplification. The primary function of this module is to monitor the RF signal of the operating primary input, and switch to the backup input if the primary path rises or falls below the pre-set customer selected threshold. Switch status, failure LEDs, and RF level bar graphs are mounted on the front panel. Switching threshold: /- 3 dB or /- 6 dB, and alarm contact closures are located on the rear of the module.

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  • Available with high precision F or BNC connectors (1.2 GHz “H” version in F only)
  • DOCSIS® 3.1 and CCAP™ compliant
  • Headend driver amplifiers with bandwidth options of 50-1002, 50-1218 or 5-205 MHz
  • Dual-width module amplifiers include front access -20 dB input and output monitor ports, as well as pushbuttons for gain/tilt adjustment with no discontinuity of signal
  • Single or dual module RF switches with bandwidth options of 5-1002 or 5-1218 MHz, which detect both high and low power failures and built-in delay to prevent false switching
  • RF switches include manual versus automatic switch mode selection, status LEDS, RF level bar graph indicator for continuous monitoring of both A and B inputs relative to switch threshold, user selectable switching threshold, and alarm relay contact for remote monitoring
  • For maximum design flexibility, amplifiers and switches mount in any active 20- or 8-position SignalOn chassis, along with any passive modules

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