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This page summarizes the latest firmware upgrades available for the product lines listed above. There are several types of firmware upgrades available. Different results are obtained with each type. Please check your currently installed firmware first and contact ATX Networks Digital Video Support  if your current firmware is not listed.

The upgrade file is one .tgz file in a compressed zip format. Unzip the file after downloading as the units expect the .tgz file to be presented.

Remote Upgrade

Newer than 4.21-3.9-10.20

  • Minor firmware changes
  • Suitable when the unit is remotely located
  • IP parameters and login credentials are not changed
  • Encoder, Output and MUX settings are all reset to factory defaults

Remote Upgrade Instructions pdf
Remote 4.22-3.21-1054

System Recovery / Flash Update    

  • Fully replaces existing firmware
  • Suitable only when the unit is physically available
  • Can be used to upgrade any firmware version or when the existing version is unknown
  • Used to recover network parameters, login credentials or after misconfiguration
  • IP parameters and login passwords are reset to factory default
  • Requires full reconfiguration of all channel parameters

DVISm Re-flashing Procedure pdf

Summary of Available Downloads

Current Firmware Version Remote Upgrade Flash Update
Older than 4.21-3.9-10.20 N/A Flash
Newer than 4.21-3.9-10.20 Remote 4.22-3.21-1054 Flash

When available, the remote upgrade option is recommended since parameters do not need to be reconfigured after the upgrade.

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