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Cost-Effectively Delivering Capacity & Performance into Fiber-Starved HFC Networks

Elimination of the BC/NC Overlay Architecture

Increasingly, as operators move away from bandwidth-limited and operationally-complex broadcast/narrowcast overlay networks, they are looking to deploy a full spectrum DWDM solution. ATX offers a comprehensive line of full spectrum transmitter technologies to address fiber-starved HFC networks. These ATX technologies are unique, relative to any other offerings in the industry. ATX’s directly modulated transmitters (model DMT) deliver the highest headend density in the marketplace (32 TX per 2RU) and enable multi-wavelength transmissions (16 lambdas/30 km/40MER) over distances up to 40 km. The wavelengths of DMT transmitters have been designed to conform to any desired multi-wavelength plan. Meanwhile, Chromadigm hybrid transmitters launch wavelengths with high Optical Modulation Index (OMI) so that the ultimate in wavelength density and transmission distance can be achieved. Chromadigm hybrid transmitters can enable 40 lambdas to be delivered over 40 km with a minimum 40 dB link performance, while longer distances can still be reached by trading off the number of wavelengths or link performance level. With forty 100 GHz spaced wavelengths, Chromadigm transmitter technology (either in the ChromaFlex or 1RU packaging) can facilitate a drop in replacement of the narrowcast transmitters commonly utilized in broadcast/narrowcast networks.

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