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Hub Site Eliminations / Node Aggregation & Backhaul

In order to minimize network complexity and improve operational efficiency, MSOs are looking to eliminate hub sites and consolidate remotely deployed equipment back into their primary headend. In order to achieve this cost-effectively, the network must be designed to deliver more capacity over longer distances using a limited number of fibers. By deploying ATX’s Chromadigm hybrid DWDM transmitter technology for this application, the original hub’s nodes can be served with 40 dB MER performance at a distance of over 100 km, utilizing a minimal number of fibers. From a downstream perspective, the advanced technology provided by Chromadigm transmitters enables hub site collapses that were once deemed impossible using traditional transmitter technology. In the return path, node upstream traffic is aggregated by using ATX’s opto-stacker technology, enabling return signals from as many as 80 nodes to be delivered on a single fiber.

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