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Node Segmentation

ATX provides MSOs with the best choice in optical transport for node segmentation offering two tiers of performance and density. As a first solution, ATX’s ChromaFlex platform’s directly modulated transmitters (model DMT) deliver the highest headend density in the marketplace, with up to 32 wavelengths in a ChromaFlex 2RU chassis. When mated with ATX’s ChromaFlex Quad return receiver (model QRRX), which also supports 32 return receivers in the same 2RU footprint, a total of 32 nodes can be cost-effectively serviced in both downstream and upstream directions over a distance of typically up to 30 km in only 4RU of rack space. ATX’s second solution provides even higher MER performance and over greater distances. With unmatched MER performance, ATX’s Chromadigm hybrid transmitters utilize chirp cancellation, clipping mitigation, and a high OMI level. They are the best transmitter choice to prepare for the future migration of a network to support DOCSIS® 3.1 deployment. Moreover, ATX’s Chromadigm technology simplifies deployments by supporting any desired wavelength plan, including the high fiber efficient 100 GHz continuous spacing. In addition, chirp cancellation improves high frequency MER performance and eliminates the distance tuneable pre-distortion circuitry used by directly modulated transmitters, simplifying set-up and the support of ring network topologies. Chromadigm technology solutions in the ChromaFlex platform also provide a very space-efficient solution, requiring only 6RU to serve 32 nodes.

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