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IPTV Distribution / Delivery

ATX has significant expertise in IPTV with many of its products facilitating delivery and distribution of IP video into IP-based networks. ATX’s UCrypt QAM to IP gateway is the product of choice of top MSOs for transitioning video content from their residential RF video feed to IP-based streams ready for distribution within a private IP video network. The UCrypt QAM to IP gateway also supports both Pro:Idiom® and Verimatrix® encryption on the output IP streams to maintain security on the MSO’s video content throughout the IP video network. ATX’s VersAtivePro line of transcoders are ideal for converting high bit rate MPEG-2 video streams from an MSO to low and constant bit rate H.264 streams that are more conducive for transmission and management on an IP video network. ATX’s DVIS and DigiVu lines of encoders can encode a variety of HD and SD sources in various baseband formats (such as CVBS, Component and VGA) and output them in MPEG-2 or H.264 encoded IP streams to facilitate insertion of locally generated content into an IP video network.

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