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Transport Stream Transcoding

ATX offers a totally unique approach to transcoding systems. ATX’s VersAtivePro platform was designed to be the most budget-friendly solution in the professional quality transcoder market. It offers high quality video at minimal bit rates and features a license-free, hassle-free scheme unique to the industry, giving customers the freedom to transcode what they want, when and how they want.

The VersAtivePro line of transcoders is ideal in combination with a UCrypt gateway for applications requiring video transcoding. Applications include converting MPEG-2 encoded streams from the MSO’s plant into H.264-based streams for more efficient delivery within a private IP video network, or ingesting H.264 encoded streams from an IP distribution network and converting to MPEG-2 over RF QAM to accommodate non-H.264 capable TVs at a commercial customer’s premise or MDU.   

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