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Transition Content from MSO to Commercial Network

Video Gateways & Mini Headends

ATX’s UCrypt gateways allow MSOs and service providers to decrypt, encrypt and transition video between formats to facilitate the delivery of bulk video service to MDU, hospitality or commercial accounts. They offer a cost-effective platform for the delivery of small or large channel lineups. Built on a scalable architecture, ATX’s UCrypt products are field-upgradeable for channel capacity expansion.

ATX’s UCrypt QAM to QAM, QAM to IP, and QAM to analog gateways enable the transition of video from a typical MSO residential video coax feed to a bulk QAM, IP or analog format suitable for the commercial customer’s video network to alleviate the need for residential set-top boxes at every display. UCrypt gateways accommodate the selection of a custom channel lineup from the MSOs digital tier and support various encryption types (Pro:Idiom® and Verimatrix®) on the output, as well as unencrypted output.

ATX’s UCrypt IP to analog and IP to QAM gateways are ideal for converting content into RF analog or QAM formats in all-digital headends. They are also effective at the network edge to service bulk MDU, hospitality or commercial accounts where legacy TVs are deployed or residential set-top boxes are not practical. They come in various channel capacity configurations to suit the budget for any application.

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