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Terrestrial broadcasting, and audio broadcasting in particular, has evolved significantly in the past several years, as audiences adjust, consumption habits change, and business models evolve. Even so, radio remains a remarkably resilient medium, one that is learning to leverage new technologies to extend its reach and capabilities.

The challenges faced by audio broadcasters vary. Internationally, the most pressing need is to replace aging SCPC systems with a solution that can handle live program distribution and integrate such functions as local ID playout and RDS data distribution. For larger station groups and networks, especially in the USA, the goal is to integrate both live and prerecorded programming into a centrally managed system that includes the ability to localize commercials and content while allowing the entire network to be configured, managed, scheduled, and monitored from a single point of control.

ATX solves all of these challenges with cloud-friendly, IP-friendly systems that enable terrestrial broadcasters to thrive in today’s content-everywhere media environment—giving them the ability to manage, schedule, and play out content through its entire lifecycle, including reconciliation data, and to target programming to listeners with laser precision. From broadcasts to podcasts, from smartphones to ever-smarter cars, ATX puts audio broadcasters in control with our centrally managed, integrated platforms.