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Digital QAM Signal Analysis Meter

The Pico-Pro/Q signal analysis meter is a portable, high-performance QAM or analog signal meter specifically designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of modern day CATV systems. The PICO-PRO/Q can test the CATV QAM or analog signals in the scan, spectrum, or channel modes. In the analog mode, the unit will measure video carrier, audio carrier, A/V ratio, and C/N ratio. In the digital mode, it will measure BER, MER of QAM 16, 32, 64, and 256 in ANNEX B, and QAM 16, 32, 64, 128, and 256 in ANNEX A mode. The Pico-Pro/Q will display a constellation of the measured digital signals. CATV cable tilt and trunk AC voltage can also be measured with this unit.

The Pico-Pro/Q features a large 2.4-inch by 1.8-inch LCD that conveniently displays all the measurements and graphs for easy interpretation. The data logging capability of the Pico-Pro/Q allows measurements made in the field to be conveniently retrieved by a computer using an RS-232 interface. When fully charged, the Pico-Pro/Q provides continuous and reliable operation up to five hours in the field.

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  • Digital or analog measurements available in one instrument
  • Supports Annex A (16, 32, 64, 128, and 256) and Annex B(64 and 256) QAM modes
  • Leakage measurement in the spectrum mode or frequency mode if the exact frequency of the leakage is known
  • Full channel range from channel T7 to 135 (5 MHz − 860 MHz).
  • Multi-function digital or analog signal analysis includes all pertinent channel and system-wide information
  • Large, easy-to-read display provides quick glance capability in dimly lit environments
  • High accuracy for all individual channel and system parameters, including: spectrum, scan, tilt, carrier-to-noise, carrier level, and line voltage measurements
  • Tilt measurement for simplified system balancing
  • MER, BER, and test constellation graphic display for accurate digital signal analysis
  • Programmable power shut-off extends time between charges
  • High-impact plastic case and leatherette-vinyl case protect unit during field use

Specifications | Ordering Information


Frequency/ Channel
Frequency Range 5 MHz to 870 MHz
Channel Range T7 to CATV 135
Frequency Resolution 10 KHz
Measurement Randwidth 280 KHz
QAM Annex (A) 16, 32, 64, 128, and 256
QAM Annex (B) 64 and 256
Symbol Rate 1 Mbps to 7 Mbps
Analog CATV AM, FM
Bandwith 1 MHz to 9.9 MHz
Level Measurement
Range – 35 dBmV to 60 dBmV
Accuracy ± 2 dB
Resolution 0.1 dB
Scan Peak value demodulation
Input Impedance 75 Ω
Carrier-Noise Ratio – C/N
Input Range 10 dBmV to 45 dBmV
Accuracy ± 2 dBmV
Voltage Measurement
Input Range 10 V to 80 V (AC/DC)
Accuracy ± 2 V
Resolution 0.1 V
Technical Indicators Above 25 °C
DC Supply 7.2 V rechargeable battery
AC Supply AC110 V/60 Hz ± 10%
Working Time > 4 hrs (fully charged battery)
Charging Time ≤ 8 hrs
Dimensions 3.66″(L) x 1.89″(D) x 8.47″(H)
Net Weight < 550 g
Temperature – 10 °C to 45 °C
Display 320 X 240 TFT LCD
Audio Output Built-in speaker

Ordering Information

Ordering Information
PICO-PRO/Q Digital QAM Signal Analysis Meter
PICO-PRO/Q-PS Power Supply

PICO-PRO/Q Data Sheet

This data sheet contains branding from Pico Digital, a recent ATX subsidiary.

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