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FiberLinx Digital & Audio Fiber Transmission Link

As node sizes are reduced, fiber optics continues to play a larger role in today’s headends and hub sites. ATX’s FiberLinx digital and audio fiber transmission link module will transport uncompressed digital video and audio to provide superior quality over multimode and single-mode fiber. This product is manufactured to standards that are compliant to IEC, and to Bellcore specifications.

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  • Optical transmitter can accept from 1-4 analog videos with 2-8 audios
  • Video is converted into uncompressed data with 10-bit resolution
  • Audio is converted into uncompressed data with 20-bit resolution
  • Available in wall mount or 1RU rack mount configurations
  • Wide dynamic video AGC supports 0.6V-1.6V video input level
  • Audio output can be balanced/unbalanced auto switching with ESD protection
  • Maximum fiber distance up to 120 km
  • System topology can be point-to-point or point-to-multipoint

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The I-HUB platform is ideal for minimizing fiber for Node+0, hub eliminations, node segmentations and RFoG, or reclaiming existing fibers for additional broadband subscriber narrowcast services and revenue generating business services. Learn more about this product.>