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ATX’s I-HUB opto-stacker is a high density, high performance solution to quadruple return path bandwidth per wavelength. It ingests 4 independent upstream optical inputs, stacks them onto 1 upstream 1550nm transmitter to be sent back to the headend and be destacked into the original independent returns by a TranScend or ChromaFlex destacker module. The opto-stacker module is a double-slot module, enabling a fully loaded I-HUB platform to transport the return streams of up to 20 nodes on a single fiber for a distance up to 60 km. Superior bandwidth over comparable digital return solutions is obtained.

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  • 5 compact modules in a single I-HUB chassis
  • Quadruples return path bandwidth
  • SNMP remote monitoring (-40 to +65 degrees Celsius) operating temperature
  • Wide input optical range of 1270-1620nm
  • Auto adjusts for optical input over a 15 dB range
  • Handles any optical input from 1270-1620nm making it insensitive to existing node returns
  • Up to 60 km transmission without EDFAs
  • Capable of bringing back 40 ITU channels or 160 streams on a single fiber, making it ideal for RFoG
  • A fully segmented node’s four 5-85 MHz returns can be transported back to the headend on the same downstream fiber
  • Can operate without a dedicated DWDM Mux/DMux
  • Ideal for networks with limited available optical fibers
  • Deployed for numerous applications to transport return signals to the headend including node segmentation, distribution networks, RFoG applications, and FTTx networks

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