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EDFA, Optical Amplifiers

ATX’s TranScend EDFA optical amplifiers offer a cost-effective solution to increase fiber reach in various CATV architectures. When used in conjunction with the ATX Chromadigm series of transmitters, they offer unprecedented performance at a very attractive price point. This platform supports a variety of cable architectures with a wide range of gain flattened amplifiers that are programmable for either constant power or constant gain operating modes. Versions are available with single, dual and quad outputs to improve architectural cost-effectiveness. Additionally, versions are available that provide PON architecture support with pass through ports and express ports.

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  • 4 compact modules in a single 1RU TranScend chassis (up to 16 ports)
  • Multi-output options single, dual and quad outputs
  • 4.5 dB noise figure, optimized for CATV applications
  • Gain flattened options available
  • Dedicated express ports reduce fiber interconnections
  • SNMP remote monitoring
  • Up to 18 dBm per port output power
  • Offered in a range of output ports and power levels
  • Express ports for reducing fiber interconnect and a gain flattened version
  • Available in a hardened version for extreme temperature operation (-20 to +75 degrees C)
  • Applications: Node segmentation, distribution networks, RFoG applications, FTTx networks, and long haul super-trunking

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