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The TranScend MDU transceiver is a cost-effective, high performance, integrated transmitter/receiver module optimized for RFoG MDU applications where the forward and return signals are carried on the same fiber. It is an ideal, cost-effective solution for serving residential MDU and commercial clients where a lower RFoG split ratio or a point-to-point fiber connection is desirable.

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  • 4 high density transceiver modules can be populated in a single 1RU TranScend chassis
  • Full spectrum, high performance direct modulated DFB transmitter
  • Integrated WDM for RFoG applications
  • Front panel link optimization
  • The directly modulated, single wavelength transmitter has a +9 dBm output and -15 dBm input with high performance characterized for a full 1 GHz band of 50-550 MHz of analog, plus 75 channels of 256-QAM from 550-1002 MHz
  • Low noise 1550nm DFB laser
  • Integrated WDM supports the RFoG standard 1550/1610nm bi-directional operation
  • Excellent performance up to 25 km with analog video channel loading, and up to 50 km with all QAM loading
  • Advanced pre-distortion and dispersion compensation technology with front panel link distance adjustment
  • Applications include FTTB/RFoG, network extensions, node splits, and offer an ideal solution for low split ratio MDU RFoG and commercial deployments

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