ATX Networks
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RFS, RF Switch

The TranScend RF switch module facilitates automatic and cost-effective network backup and redundancy, increasing plant reliability by providing for a self-healing network. This module has been used in many applications including route diversity and RF redundancy.

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  • 4 compact modules in a single 1RU TranScend chassis
  • Automatic switching increases system reliability and reduces downtime
  • Ideal for super-trunk applications
  • Adjustable RF threshold
  • SNMP remote monitoring
  • Monitors total composite power of the RF spectrum and offers a user selectable 30 dB range (+35 to +65 dBmV) to meet a variety of application needs
  • Each RF switch has 2 RF inputs and a single RF output
  • The internal detector measures the input total composite RF power level and switches when the RF level drops below the user-defined threshold

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