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Broadband Bi-directional Push-Pull Distribution Amplifiers

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  • 54~1000MHz (CATV 2~158) and 5~42MHz reverse bandwidth (CATV T7~T11)
  • 30dB forward path gain and 20dB or passive reverse path gain (switchable) for maximum flexibility
  • ±0.75dB flatness across band provides low distortion and excellent frequency response
  • Employs dual state-of-the art push-pull hybrid technology for very low distortion! high input and output capability
  • Optional plug-in equalizers and attenuators enable unity gain and slope system balancing for minimum distortion
  • -30dB input and output test points enable simplified setup and performance monitoring without service interruption
  • Built-in lightning and line-voltage surge protection protects the unit from damage
  • External UL approved power supply

Specifications | Ordering Information


Bandwidth-PIDA-1000 5~1000MHz
Bandwidth-PIDA-550 5~550MHz
Gain (FWD) 54~1000 MHz 30dB
Gain (REV) 5~42 MHz 20dB
Max. Output (158 ch.) PIDA-1000 42dBmV
Max. Output (82 ch.) PIDA-550 43dBmV
Flatness 0.5dB
Noise Figure (FWD) 5dB
Noise Figure (REV) 4dB
Composite Second Order(FWD) 60dB
Composite Triple Beat (FWD) 58dB
Input Test Point Loss 30dB
Output Test Point Loss 30dB
Power Input 27VAC, 1.2A
Power Required 26Watt
Dimensions 11” (L) x 3.25” (D) x 7” (W)
Weight 6.2 lbs
Total # of Channels Input Level(dBmV) Output Level (dBmV)
12 23 53
24 20 50
36 19 49
48 17 47
72 16 46
96 14 44
144 13 43
158 12 42

Ordering Information

Ordering Information
PIDA-550 550MHz Amplifier
PIDA-1000 1000MHz Amplifier
PIDA-AT AT Value 6, 9, 12, 18dB Attenuator
PIDA-EQ EQ Value 6, 9, 12, 18dB Equalizer
PIDA-PS Power Supply
PIDA-PS/220 Power Supply for 220

PIDA-1000 Data Sheet

This data sheet contains branding from Pico Digital, a recent ATX subsidiary.

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